Simrad Go7 XSE Review

Simrad is the perfect partner for you if you love to explore through water or if you are a fish finder, or if you navigate often through seas and oceans.


A mid-tier fish finder named Simrad Go7 XSE is available in the market now.

Simrad Go7 XSE Reviews

A powerful one just like Go9 XSE and stronger than G05 XSE but at a lower price. It is a miracle for any fish finder as it will be very useful for them.

However, it is designed as a combination of Modern technology with consumer versatility, especially for sports boats and day boats.

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Simrad Go7 XSE Pros & Cons


  • Bright Screen: Simrad Go7 XSE has a bright screen which beautifies its features even more. It has been discussed in the features above that it has a strong backlight and 1200 nits of brightness. It can be viewed in any lighting condition. Readings can be seen without searching for shade and even in sunlight.
  • C-MAP Pro: Go7 XSE is loaded with Insight Maps. It can be upgraded to C-MAP Pro for more maps and current updates. It has a storage of 90MB, which is enough to manage various waypoints and all the maps. It gives the way to locate the fish and save the map for further help.
  • GPS: GPS is the main advantage to buy Go7 that makes the Go series famous. As you go through the water, there are quick updates in 10Hz GPS. It is best for those who want to cover long distances without waiting for the GPS to catch up with the routes. GPS feature makes this model the best of all previous models and that too at lower price.
  • Connects to Your Phone: Simrad Go7 XSE allows you to connect to a smartphone or tablet. By simply paring the devices, you can walk around the ship without missing any fish or anything. Connecting smartphones or tablets is a very simple process but very effective.


  • Not a huge upgrade from Go5: The main problem is that it nearly has the same features as Simrad Go5 XSE. People prefer buying the Go5 model because of the same features and upgrades. Go7 will be a huge success if it upgrades the product with some interesting features.
  • No Physical Buttons: People are happier to use the fish finder either having physical buttons or physical buttons or touch feature both. Simrad G07 XSE doesn’t have physical buttons but has large digital buttons for choosing the different sonar, chart, maps, echo, StructureScan, and many more.

Simrad Go7 XSE Features

Display and Resolution

The Simrad Go7 XSE, is a 7-inch fish finder. This is one of the best sizes for most vessels. Go7 comes with a resolution of 480×800 WVGA. In comparison with modern tablets, this resolution sounds good for a fish finder.

Go7 can be viewed in any lighting conditions with 1200 nits of brightness and strong backlight. We can easily differentiate between fish and other objects because of the clarity of sonar readings and chart-plotting.

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User Interface And Touch Screen

Go7 is touch-enabled and doesn’t have physical buttons. Simrad has a very simple process. It uses digital buttons in large sizes for selecting the different sonar and chart-plotting.

There is an option of the split-screen, so you can see two or more views simultaneously. You will be impressed by the Go7 as it is fast, responsive, and very easy to learn.

Wireless Connectivity

Simrad Go7 XSE is exactly the device you need to freely connect any tablet or smartphone. After pairing the devices, you can easily walk around the ship while staying connected. The radars and sonar findings are visible from your device, and it even offers you the facility to change the views.

Hence, It is very easy to use this Wi-fi feature. You can roam around looking for fish, and still, you won’t lose your connection.

GPS Capabilities

Simrad Go7 XSE offers you GPS features and Insight maps. It is very useful as it has information on about 8000 lakes and rivers across the US. If you want more maps, then you can upgrade it to C-MAP Pro.

Whenever you connect your fishfinder to Wi-fi, then your maps will update. Moreover, you can store several locations in Go7 as it has 90MB storage. However, you can also insert a memory card of 32 GB.

The main feature for which its popular is its fast GPS. When you go through water, your 10Hz GPS gets an update.


CHIRP is one of the several imaging types which any compatible transducer provides. To provide clear images, it absorbs the high and low frequencies at depths.

The Go7 uses 83/200 kHz frequency and can successfully view up to 1000 feet below the surface. It also has a 2D Sonar scan which gives you clear images of your surroundings to show you the nearby fish.

Structure Scan

With Structure Scan in Go7, you can use DownScan or SideScan. With these, you can see up to 300 feet at 455/800kHz, and the angle of view depends on you.

With DownScan, you can see the fish down there, and it’s like you are there with fish. So, this is the level of clarity it gives. SideScan gives you a view of the sides of your boat. Both of them can be very helpful for you.

Forward Scan

MKIForwardScan is comparable to SideScan, but it is more oriented for front views. It runs at 455/800kHz and warns you about the obstacles you might get in your way. When you are steering in alien areas, then it can be very useful for you.

However, people do not use this feature more as they can easily see what’s coming from the front, but it can prove to be a miracle for you if you are not a specialist in this.

Bottom Line

Go and grab the Go7, a fast, responsive, easy, and ideal fishfinder with great features. Go7 has combined modern technology with consumer versatility. Give a try to Simrad Go7 XSE.

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  1. Since two years ago, I have been using a Go7 with active imaging. I think you’re going to love it. Whenever I go out (west of Egmont) I’m finding new ledges that are as clear as day.

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